New build premium homes at Bewley Park


Bewley Homes, a high-quality low-volume house builder, has spent 18 months crafting its flagship development at Bewley Park in Reading. The hard work began in October 2013 when the existing Thames Water reservoir was demolished, making way for the construction of seventy-eight properties of various sizes over the following year and a half. This included preservation of the listed water tower and pump house, which were given a new lease of life as luxury homes, while some of the new-builds are reserved for housing association use.

Construct Films was contracted to film the project in its entirety. Our power-efficient camera system can be run from a portable battery pack for several weeks, which was necessary at Bewley Park as the mains power supply wasn’t to be installed until the works had been underway for a couple of months. A single camera was installed at height on the water tower, allowing it to survey the majority of the site from its vantage point. Our ultra-reliable camera technology didn’t suffer a single outage throughout, reliably delivering pictures to our servers.

Throughout the project our Archive web app allowed the project managers to login from a computer or mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection, and cycle through all the high-resolution photos and watch monthly video clips of the site’s progress. Once the development was complete we delivered a professionally edited video of the entire works, which Bewley was able to distribute around to the press and other interested parties.

Posted on October 14, 2015 and filed under New videos.