The Lost Archbishops

As most people in the UK are returning to work from a hopefully restful Easter weekend, the Garden Museum team in London is now catching their breath after the exciting reveal of a huge news story -- that the remains of several Archbishops of Canterbury had been discovered in a vault under the former church of St. Mary-at-Lambeth, which has been the home of the Garden Museum since the late 1970s.


The discovery was actually made a while back in early 2016, by builders working on the Museum's £7.5million redevelopment. Soon after, Construct Films was commissioned by the chair of the Museum to capture footage of the vault interior. The scope grew and we produced a short film including some history of the church, the improvements to the Museum, and the big discovery itself.

Museum interior June 2016

Museum interior June 2016

Museum interior December 2016

Museum interior December 2016

Unusually for our line of work, the story was to be kept secret and we couldn't show our film to anyone. We dutifully kept mum until the big reveal, appropriately enough, on Easter Sunday -- and it was fascinating to see the story break in the news media. Clips of our film were shown nationwide on BBC News, and screen captures illustrated articles as they sprang up across the web.

We're delighted that we can now show the video publicly:

The redevelopment is nearly complete and the Garden Museum will re-open in May 2017.

Over the past year we've produced some other short films for the Museum:

Fund-raising video featuring Museum associate Alan Titchmarsh.

Our time-lapse of the interior redevelopment (June to October). Find out more details on our long-term time-lapse filming.

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