Time-lapse clip to be broadcast on TV

One of our time-lapse clips will be broadcast in 2015 on the Discovery Channel in the USA and the UK, as part of the How The Universe Works series produced by the award-winning Pioneer Productions based in London.

2013-10 Pioneer.jpg

An episode in the series looks at the harsh environments on distant planets, searching for evidence of water. To illustrate this, Pioneer asked to use our Rust macro time-lapse which shows rust forming on steel at high magnification.

We provided the clip at 4K Ultra HD, the next-generation quality standard which has four times as much detail as Full HD (1080p) on Blu-ray discs. Pioneer is delivering their series in Full HD, but the larger size of our clip allows Pioneer's editors to crop and zoom into the clip without any loss of quality. Construct Films has experience of producing footage to broadcast-quality standards, which are amongst the most stringent measures of technical video quality.

Our Rust clip has already been used by The King's University College in Canada in materials science classes. Due to its popularity we've made it available as a stock footage clip. We'll be experimenting with more macro time-lapses in the coming months.


Posted on October 16, 2013 .