Time-lapse for visualising science

A few weeks ago we were approached by King's Centre for Visualisation in Science, which is a research department of The King's University College across the Atlantic in Edmonton, Canada which looks for innovative ways to deliver science lessons. One of the researchers had spotted A Month Of Rust, a very brief time-lapse video featuring close-up footage of rust forming on a piece of steel. The video was identified as a useful tool to demonstrate materials science to school kids, and Construct Films was delighted to provide KCVS with all the time-lapse footage available from the project, complete with a day counter and magnification scale:

The rust footage was shot in our in-house studio under controlled conditions, which allowed us to capture good quality footage without any variation in light levels. Our computer-controlled camera systems can photograph time-lapse for long periods, such as construction projects that are filmed for months or years at a time.  For information about our services see the time-lapse page and our contact details.

Posted on July 16, 2013 .