Upgraded filming services for 2014

In many competitive industries a proverb goes "If you're not moving forwards, you're going backwards", as there is simply no way of standing still. Our primary drive at Construct Films is to continuously advance our technology and production standards, and we are delighted to upgrade our filming services for 2014:

Guaranteed 100% reliability on our long term projects

Our custom designed time-lapse camera system has proven to be exceptionally reliable in the first batch of projects all over the UK, even when pushed to extremes to capture images much faster than usual. We now guarantee that the camera will capture every image as scheduled -- which can amount to 27,000 pictures per year.

18 megapixel stills images with our 4K Ultra HD service

Our next-generation filming at higher resolution, which results in 4K Ultra HD video, now features bigger stills pictures at 18MP size (previously 12MP). The bigger pictures offer more detail, allowing larger print images and slightly improve the quality of the video clips.

Live shooting and site photography for long term projects

Our long term time-lapse projects can now enjoy more detailed progress documentation with our regular site visits, every two months, to capture live video and site photography. We can visit at regular intervals or visit on a certain day during a milestone event. Site photos are captured at 18 megapixels for exceptional detail and flexibility. Live video is shot at Full HD and is edited alongside the monthly time-lapse clips. At the end of the project this extra material can be edited into a short documentary.

We're excited to offer these upgrades to all existing projects and clients, not just new ones. For more information on how we can provide unparalleled end-to-end documentation of your project, please contact us.

Posted on January 2, 2014 and filed under Service upgrade.