A specialist production company

Construct Films is a production company specialising in long term time-lapse filming. We combine time-lapse with live action footage and motion graphics to create a compelling record of your project. 

Established 6 years, we’ve captured 28 years of site activity.

We’ve installed 144 cameras on 80 projects and have shot 2.8 million images.

Flexibility for any project

We film projects of any duration up to several years. We work on client sites but also use a small studio for controlled photography. In addition to client commissions we also supply time-lapse stock footage.

Making technology work for you

We develop our own technology. Our time-lapse camera system can film on-site for months or years at a time, thanks to our custom software and specialised electronics. Our servers store hundreds of thousands of pictures and keep multiple backups of every image. We develop power efficient electronics to allow our cameras to be powered by solar all year round. We have engineering expertise to use the best technology for each project.

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Anthony Elliott

A mechanical engineer by training, Anthony has been producing video since 2004 and has been time-lapse filming construction sites since 2010.

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Dave Hackney

A graduate engineer, Dave spent two decades in the advertising industry in IT and video production, and has been time-lapse filming on construction sites since 2016.

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