Data Protection

Like all organisations operating in the EU, Construct Films is bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is effective as of 25th May 2018. Click the button below to view our Data Protection Policy. Please find below information about our practices, the data we collect and process, and how to contact us about any personal data about you we may hold.

Types of data we collect and process

Contact information

We retain general contact information of anyone who contacts us via our website form, email accounts or phone. This includes such details as name, job title, organisation name and address, phone numbers and email address.

In addtion:

  • For our customers, our client login system also records IP addresses.
  • For our suppliers, our accounts systems retain bank account details.

We retain all details for 12 months from date of receipt, or 24 months from conclusion of our work for a client, or 12 months from end of contract with an employee, whichever is later.

Photographs of client sites

The majority of our work involves digital photography of client sites using automated camera systems. From time to time our cameras will capture images that include personal data, which includes an identifiable image of someone's face, or personal data written on clothing or vehicles. Much like CCTV security cameras in open areas, it is not practical to obtain consent from each individual before they might be photographed. We therefore take the following approach:

  • Before work begins we conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment of the site, and specify how we can minimise collection of personal data.
  • Signage is fitted to each camera (or camera mount) with details about how to contact us. We also fit signage in worker communal areas such as noticeboards in site canteens/welfare and reception areas.
  • Because the images may contain personal data, and this cannot be ascertained until after the photographs are captured, all our site photography is deemed "sensitive data" or "high risk data" under the GDPR and we take special measures to remove any personal data we find within a 60-day deadline. Until this time, the digital files are stored on secure encrypted disks. We remove personal data from the files by blurring the specific part of the image, or deleting the file entirely, and ensuring the same is performed on any backups of the file.

Storage of data

All digital data is stored on encrypted disks, and transferred from computer to computer using encrypted protocols.

Physical documents containing personal data are stored in locked containers.

Processing of data

Access to sensitive data is strictly controlled. We share data only with approved sub-contrators, and only for the purposes of delivering the client's work or maintaining Construct Films' systems.

Enquire about data we may hold about you

You may request a copy of any personal data we hold about you, request we remove information, or send us a correction.

Name *
Your organisation name may help us identify you in the data we may hold.
Type of data *
We need to be sure that you are enquiring about only your own data, so we ask for some further details: For contact information, please specify the date of the last correspondence you sent to us. For photographs of client sites, please specify the location, date, and time of where you may have been photographed.
Consent confirmation *