Demolition projects

Time-lapse is a great way to capture demolition works.

Coal-powered heating station, Oldham

Our advanced camera system can be adjusted remotely, so if the demolition works are just one part of a much longer project, we can instruct the camera to take more photos when work commences. This was useful when the old British Gas boiler house was demolished in just a few days, and the rate of photography was temporarily increased ten-fold to capture more footage. The two cameras got some great coverage of the works.

Million-litre diesel tank, E.on CHP station, central London

E.on's contractor Tilley & Barrett required time-lapse photography of a million-litre diesel tank being disassembled, prior to improvement works to the combined heat and power station. One of the challenges was that the only position for the camera was on the roof surface a few metres above the indoor tank, and another challenge was the lack of power at the camera location. Our extra-wide lens managed to get everything in the shot, and our highly power efficient camera on a battery pack lasted through the four-week demolition period, all while uploading images to our servers which could be viewed by the project managers via our client login.