The Great CityGames Manchester

Client: Arcadis (event sponsor)

Filming duration: 3 days (2017)

Bocci light installation, The Barbican

More than 300 free-poured aluminium pieces and glowing orbs are suspended above and within the Lightwell at the Barbican, the results of a week of careful assembly work by specialist engineers, and captured by specialist film makers Construct Films.

The Tetley - Winter Garden

Artist Roger Palmer explains how his team assembled a 10 metre tall vinyl print as part of the Winter Gardens exhibit at The Tetley gallery in Leeds.

The Atrium gallery at The Tetley plays host to an enormous print of a palm tree stretching the full height of the space up to the skylights. The Winter Gardens exhibit includes depictions of tropical plants taken from books, on show in the midst of the very un-tropical British winter.

The Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden

Three hundred tonnes of gritstone was loaned by the Chatsworth estate and meticulously laid out to form the basis of an extraordinary garden. The trout stream winds its way through a meadow of wildflowers and trees that appear to have grown together for decades.

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Hypervelocity Le Phun installation

When the Tour de France came to Yorkshire, Huddersfield celebrated in style -- with the Hypervelocity festival.

The French performance group Le Phun installed an entire farm scene across Huddersfield's St George's Square in front of the rail station. The work was completed overnight and with no prior warning, so commuters heading for their train the next morning were taken a little by surprise...