Film production services

We think time-lapse video is at its best when combined with live-action media to create a compelling mini-documentary of a project. 

Live-action video

Clips of milestone moments can add depth to a film and turn a collection of shots into a complete record of a project. For example shots of breaking the soil, large one-off lifts, close-ups of engineering details, or a short interview with someone who can tell the viewer about the scheme.

Live action shooting and site photography are included with long term time-lapse projects.

Visualisation and CGI

Using complex 3D-tracking techniques, we can incorporate 3D models into a live video scene using computer generated imagery (CGI). This has possibilities to show the architect's virtual design superimposed over the in-progress site.

Motion graphics and statistics

Graphics have the potential to convey complex information in a simplified visual manner. If your project has some unique qualities or challenges these can be communicated to the viewer. Client and contractor logos can be animated to give the film a sophisticated look.