Time-lapse filming for construction projects

Construct Films is a specialist in long-term time-lapse photography. Using high quality DSLR cameras that send send photos and videos to a client portal, we can tell the story of your project to captivate your clients, employees or the public.

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Superb quality footage

As standard our cameras shoot 12 megapixel stills, delivering 4K Ultra HD video.

Photos that are big enough for print and video that is future-proofed for years to come.

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Online access

Every client logs into their customised portal to view photos and videos 24/7.


Off-grid power

Set up a time-lapse camera anywhere on your site without being tied to power.

Solar power all year round or battery power for up to 6 weeks.



Secure data collection and processing in line with the latest data protection legislation. Learn more here.

Construction time-lapse reel

Our recent projects for construction and other industries. See more.

Latest photography

We include site photography in our time-lapse filming service.

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