Projects in Huddersfield

Royds Hall Community School is building a new primary school, due to be finished in June 2016 ready for the new academic year.

This time-lapse video will be updated each month right through to project completion.

Kirklees Council commissioned a promotional video to engage the public across the borough and build excitement ahead of the completion of the new Leisure Centre, under construction for 2 years.

Artist Rob Martin paints a mural inside the newly-refurbished C. Booth & Sons shop, depicting the shop front as it looked some years ago.

When the Tour de France came to Yorkshire, Huddersfield celebrated in style -- with the Hypervelocity festival.

The French performance group Le Phun installed an entire farm scene across Huddersfield's St George's Square in front of the rail station. The work was completed overnight and with no prior warning, so commuters heading for their train the next morning were taken a little by surprise...

In July 2013, Construct Films offered to photograph the biggest civic construction project in Huddersfield for years -- the new Huddersfield Leisure Centre. The project provided an ideal testing ground for our new sophisticated time-lapse camera system, designed to photograph sites for months and years at a time.

Fourteen months later in October 2014, the Leisure Centre was progressing well towards completion. In May 2015 it opened its doors to the first visitors.