Image quality & lenses

The digital SLRs in our camera systems deliver excellent quality photos and the resulting video clips meet HDTV broadcast standards.

The quality of our photographs and videos is of utmost importance, influenced by choice of camera and lens, along with best practices in post-production to ensure the quality of the original images is preserved.

Photo and video resolution

Below are comparisons between our standard and optional quality levels: 

  • Standard photography of 12 megapixel images and 4K Ultra HD video.

  • Optional photography of 42 megapixel images and 8K video.

We don't offer Standard Definition filming because it is now an outdated level of video quality, though our HD films can be provided on regular DVD discs if required.

Some time-lapse producers still offer SD filming so be sure to compare our service with their Full HD service.

Lens options

A range of lenses can be used with our camera system to suit the requirements of each project. Wide and Fisheye lenses are useful for capturing an entire site with a single camera, or when the camera is filming in confined spaces such as indoors.

How much a lens can see is measured in Horizontal Angle of View (HAOV) in degrees. A wider angle gives a wider view to the camera, but also introduces barrel distortion to the image. The HAOV can be overlaid on a site/building drawing to give an estimated view for a given lens. During a site survey we will provide test shots to show exactly what view the camera will have.



Video delivery

We deliver the finished videos on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and digital files. We can provide digital files of any kind including those suitable for upload to YouTube or Vimeo, and professional formats such as ProRes 422.

For time-lapse projects longer than 2 months, an online video update is sent monthly which is ideal for progress reporting.