Live time-lapse project

This is a live sample of our time-lapse filming service, showing the client's customised webpage with all the information about their project and details about the cameras on their site. Each of our projects has a special page like this on our website, accessed by the client using a special login. More details on the features are shown below.

Royds Hall Community School

Client: Royds Hall Community School
Site contact: BAM Construction

Camera cf004 latest image:

▲ The latest webcam-style image can be embedded on the client's website or their internal intranet. The image is reduced in size and a time-stamp is added to show when the latest image was captured by the camera.

See how Kirklees Council has embedded their image and video on their public information page about the project.

Camera cf004 configuration:

Camera: cf004
Project: Royds Hall School
Interval: 10mins
Shooting hours: 07-19
Shooting days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

▲ The client can request a change to each camera's configuration, for example if a milestone event is approaching and extra images are desired, or if the site is switching to longer working hours.

Progress video:

▲ Each camera's time-lapse video is also embedded on this page, with the necessary video hosting included in the filming service. Each month we provide a video for each camera showing the latest footage. The video clips can also be easily embedded anywhere.