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Do you have special requirements that aren't covered here? We'd love to discuss what we can do for you. We can customise our camera system to suit special projects, so please get in touch.

Long term projects: 2+ months

Site location 

Number of cameras 

Project duration 

Note: monthly fees have price breaks at 12, 24, 36 and 48 months

Need a shorter duration?

We also film projects for single days and 1-4 weeks. Contact us for a customised price.

Service features included

  • As standard we deliver 4K Ultra HD video and 12 megapixel still photos

  • Client account/portal on our Archive system to view photos and edited videos.

  • All editing work, including monthly video updates, and final video with logos, music and graphics.

  • Installation, maintenance and removal of our equipment.

  • Unlimited adjustment of the cameras' shooting settings. Contact us for costs of relocating the cameras during the project.

All rates exclude VAT. Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

* Our quote assumes the following: there is an existing structure to rig the camera (a wall, scaffold, hand rail, site cabin); that power is available (110V/240V) at the camera location, or there is a cable run of 50m or less.

If power or structures are not present on site, we can quote for solar power and/or a free-standing mast or tower.

Battery power

+ £350 per camera

For short projects we can power the camera with a battery pack for up to 6 weeks.

Permanent solar power

+ £290 per camera

Where site power is not available, we can survey the site to check if solar power can be utilised. 

Our 10-metre tilt-over tower, shown with permanent solar power

Our 10-metre tilt-over tower, shown with permanent solar power

Freestanding rigs

+ £149 for a 5-metre telescopic mast
+ £1230 for a 10-metre tilt-over tower

If no suitable camera locations are available, we can supply a freestanding mast/tower or specify a scaffold tower.

Our 5-metre telescopic mast

Our 5-metre telescopic mast