Renewable energy

From the very beginning, Construct Films has been involved in renewable energy infrastructure projects. Our focus on energy efficiency and renewable power sources in our equipment ties in with this philosophy.

Installation of 6MW on-shore test turbine, Ayrshire

Speakeasy Productions contacted us for time-lapse photography of the installation of a new Siemens 6MW wind turbine at SSE's on-shore test facility in Hunterston, Ayrshire -- at the time the most powerful in the UK. Speakeasy was producing a video for SSE in which the time-lapse footage would feature. A unique challenges for this project was to provide an unmanned camera system shooting at a high rate of photography, typically 10 times faster than usual for a one-month project duration like this one. In addition the cameras had to run off-grid so our efficient battery packs were ideal. The fast shooting rate was to adequately capture the assembly of the tower, the head, and the blade assembly, which would occur at unplanned times, so the fast rate had to be kept up throughout the four weeks of shooting, which yielded more than 140,000 images.

Construction of biomass heating station, Oldham

Following the demolition of the old coal-powered heating plant, British Gas commenced the build of its biomass-fuelled replacement. Our two time-lapse camera systems captured the delivery of plant, the erection of steel frame around it, and once the external cladding was complete one of the cameras was moved inside to film the interior works around the boilers. We captured some additional photography on site which provided additional materials for the client's status updates.

Aerial video of Great Wilbraham solar farm

Installation of PV solar farm, Dorset

Bouygues Energies & Services were installing 40,000 PV panels on a 38 acre site and required time-lapse photography. Our camera system equipped with a wide lens could capture the entire site, and our uninterruptible power supply would withstand any occasional power outages at the site cabins where the camera was installed.