Capture your project and monitor your progress, from anywhere in the world.

Construct Films is a time-lapse production specialist, covering projects and events of any duration from 1 day to several years. We often film at the client's site but we also produce footage at our studio.

We've worked on projects involving wind turbines, demolition, new build and power stations. See some of our sample videos here.

We are experienced in long term time-lapse filming and our custom-built camera system can be installed anywhere. As standard our service provides the features below:


Webcam-style image

  • Updates every time a new image is taken. 

  • Can be embedded into your website, intranet or simply checked from your web browser.

Time-lapse video

  • Videos are hosted by us and can be embedded anywhere, or viewed on the client's project page.

  • We provide a monthly video update for projects running for longer than 1 month. 

  • New for 2017: 4K Ultra HD video as standard. Learn more about image quality here.

Print quality photos

  • New for 2017: 12 megapixel photos as standard.

  • For short jobs less than 1 month we deliver approx. 4000 photos. For longer projects we deliver approx. 1500-3000 photos per month. 


 Our custom-built camera system.

Our custom-built camera system.

Additional filming

  • For long term projects, we'll also capture live action clips and provide site photography whenever we visit site, or we can visit during a milestone event. All included in our standard prices.

Any project duration

From as short as a few hours, to as long as months or years. See our sample time-lapse videos for examples.

Privacy and security

  • All images are backed up to our servers using an encrypted connection, ideal for sensitive projects or locations such as film sets, power stations or factories.

  • Multiple backups prevent images being lost in case of camera theft or damage. 

Exceptional reliability

  • We guarantee 100% reliability of our long term time-lapse filming service, a feature that few UK providers offer.

  • Our innovative camera system communicates with our office and warns of any potential problems ahead of time -- allowing us to sort out issues before they interrupt photography.

Straightforward pricing

  • As an efficient company we are proud of our competitive prices and we publish them online

  • Our pricing is simple and fully-inclusive. We charge an installation fee for each camera plus a monthly fee for the duration of the project, and this covers everything provided in the service -- from writing risk assessments to sending video clips to keeping the cameras running.

Expert knowledge

  • For each new long term project we survey the site to confirm camera locations, fixtures and power supplies.  We take a few test shots to give the client an idea of what view the camera will have.

  • Our engineers hold CSCS cards, IPAF access licences and are experienced photographers on construction sites.

Optional extras

Every project is different so we offer a range of options to tailor our filming service to your exact requirements: 

  • Full film production service: Construct Films is experienced in filming corporate functions and live events, and we think nothing can show off a project better than a captivating video of interviews, project milestones and time-lapse shots showing how obstacles were overcome and progress was made. Learn more about our film production services here.

Need more information?

If you have a specialist requirement not mentioned above, please let us know via the contact page