Time-lapse pricing

We believe in being upfront about our prices and we're proud of our competitive rates. For a fair comparison please note what we include as standard. All prices apply to sites in mainland Great Britain and exclude VAT.  If you have any queries please let us know via the contact page.

Do you have special requirements that aren't covered here? We'd love to discuss what we can do for you. We can customise our camera system to suit special projects, so please get in touch.

New for 2017: 4K Ultra HD video as standard

Starting in 2017, all our time-lapse video is delivered in 4K Ultra HD as standard. The original stills photos captured by our camera systems are 12 megapixel, large enough for almost all print uses.

Long term projects

We consider "long term" duration as 2 months or more. Our long term projects utilise our high-reliability camera system which uploads images for viewing online.

Installation fee from £1200-1800

Monthly fee from £400-600

(Rates vary by location, number of cameras, and project duration)

We offer a fully managed service which includes: 

  • A site survey to confirm potential camera locations, fixtures and power requirements, and advise on the camera's view.
  • All travel and materials expenses for installation maintenance of the camera systems.
  • A customised client portal to view photos, videos and camera information. Multiple off-site backups of every image, all web hosting costs included.
  • A webcam-style image link that can be embedded into your website, and updates throughout the day.
  • Monthly video updates, can be viewed in the client portal or embedded anywhere else.
  • Wide lens with 97 degree horizontal view, mobile internet connection, approx. 1500-3000 photos per month*, approx. 0:45-1:30 video per month*. (* shoot settings depend on nature of project)


  • A permanent location to install each camera system, a solid structure such as scaffold or a hand rail to ensure no camera movement. Camera location should have a good view of the site.
  • The camera can be powered by a 240/110V supply, or we can survey your site and quote for solar power.

Short term projects

We can photograph short projects and events for just a single day or a few weeks.

Day shoot £350

  • A photographer spends the day on site for 6-8 hours, operating up to 3 time-lapse cameras around the site, and can adjust cameras to capture events as they occur.
  • Includes supplementary live-action filming and photography where possible.
  • We deliver up to 4,000 high-resolution photos and 3-4 minutes of HD video footage, which is then professionally edited with your logo and choice of background music.


One week shoot £950

Two weeks shoot £1450

Four weeks shoot £1950

  • Our 1-4 week shoots use up to 3 time-lapse cameras in fixed positions.
  • Cameras run on battery packs, so no site power is required.
  • We visit site to setup the cameras, then once again to remove them. During these visits we can gather additional video and photo materials (where possible) to use in the final video edit.
  • We deliver up to 4,000 high-resolution photos and 3-4 minutes of HD video footage, which is then professionally edited with your logo and choice of background music.

Do you need a more dynamic service to capture the works on your site? Not sure what's best for your project? Give us a call.

Optional items

Solar power

+ £750 per camera

Where site power is not available, we can survey the site to check if solar power can be utilised. 

Freestanding rigs

+ £350 for a 5-metre telescopic mast
+ £1200 for a 10-metre tilt-over tower

If no suitable camera locations are available, we can supply a freestanding mast/tower or specify a scaffold tower.

Mini-documentary production

Charged per hour, to suit your budget.

Combine time-lapse footage with live-action shots of milestones, interviews and graphics to tell a compelling story of your project. Film production details here.

Watch a recent short fund-raising video featuring Alan Titchmarsh: